Tennis à Dinard by Frederick Arthur Bridgman 1891

The painter Frederick Arthur Bridgman (1847 - 1928)
came to Dinard in the summer 1891.
Only one Dinard painting is known for this artist.

Bridgman was born in the US State Alabama
and grew up in Boston and New York.
He studied at the Brooklyn Art Association
and the National Academy of Design in New York
followed by the ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.

Frederick Arthur Bridgman, photo around 1904

Bridgman was married to Florence Mott Baker, from a wealthy Boston family.
The artist was soon recognised mostly in the United States
and he was able to expose 300 of his paintings at the American Art Gallery
and he was a member of the American Academy of design.

Until 1880, the artist and his wife traveled to Algeria multiple time
also buying costumes, antiquites and decorative object
later used in his paintings antiquités.

Tennis à Dinard by Frederick Arthur Bridgman 1891
1908 the painting was given to the Museum des Beaux Arts by Aristide David
The painting is still in Nantes in the Musée des Beaux Arts
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